Here we are

We are here to make the next big thing.

Something for people.

To create products with true purpose.

To solve everyday problems.


We are FreeRange PDX, the snappy new cousin of Leatherman and LED Lenser. We’re an idea shop, a product laboratory. Our job is to find and develop product concepts, pulling, shaking and easy-baking them until we find the next big Wow.

We’re not an experiment in nuevo “innovation” hoo-hah with mega-egos and $1000 dollar chairs. No, FreeRange PDX is people. Good, smart people whose socks don’t always match. We are pink flamingos and Robotron. We are happily inviting and conversational…but don’t be surprised if our eyes wander or we sketch a chicken-shark hybrid.

Our method is equal parts courage, creativity and agility. We believe that underneath every solution is a better solution and we’re not afraid to find it. We accelerate and juke. Bob and weave. We never stand still because standing still will get us stuck. We experiment and validate at furious clip. If it doesn’t work, we move on.